From Grrrr to Great: Ribbon Storage

I love ribbon…almost more than designer paper.  I love to order it and not use it, and just look at it all lined up in my ribbon holders.  Then I realize that I need to get over it, remember that life is short, it’s only ribbon and USE it! These are my Stampin’ Up Ribbon Keepers.  I use mostly the Medium and Large. I stack mine on top of each other to make a 2 story ribbon house. There are little connectors to keep them together.  Rapunzel could stack hers like a tower if she wanted to.  The Small size is almost too small but the taffeta and gingham fit well in there.  If I were to buy them all over again, I would get the Large and Medium only. p.s. I know someone is going to ask so here is the link to see them in the catalog.  They come 2 in a package – the medium set is 15.95 and the large is 18.95.


Below is an idea sent to me from Laurie in Lake Elmo, MN. She bought a water gutter from Home Depot and had the service guy there cut it in half.  She mounted it on the wall – Clever and Thrifty!  Love it!


After a while of using it, the grrrr becomes how to organize the big wad of leftovers.  I’ve had these little canning jars for about 5 years.  I can see what I’ve got so I don’t have to go pawing through a big pile.  I have them sorted by the SU color families, gingham and I have another one for In Colors.  I’ve thought many times that I need bigger jars, but now when it is getting full, I force myself to use that instead of going to the roll. I have the lids open b/c I know there is NO way I am going to unscrew the lids to get what I want!



I was in Bed, Bath & Beyond a while back and saw these tie hangers.  I thought it would be neat for a ribbon hanger for scraps.  I have to say that it has been handy to just grab a piece and throw extras up there. They have velvet on the arms so the ribbon won’t fall off.  $4.99 for Two.


bagIf I have a bunch of ribbon left over from a class that is all the same color and length, I put them in our cello envelopes or zip bags.  I write on the bag how long they are so I can use them for swaps or workshops.


If I have long pieces that are orphaned, I reunite them back together again with a glue dot.  Saves space since the roll is already there.

Stampin’ Up published this old time idea for wrapping ribbons around cardboard and storing in baskets.  Very pretty but I might go mad trying to keep them looking this nice after I spent HOURS getting them on there!


Below is a neat thing for storing ribbon pieces.  It’s called a Ribbon Ring.  It might drive me a little crazy putting them all on it but still looks nice. You can see them here:


That’s all for now! If you have a picture of a great ribbon holder or way to store all those loose ends, email it to me and I’ll post it! Linda

From Jessica Jensen:  “I saw your post about ribbon storage, and I wanted to share what I’ve done. I like to consider myself frugal, so I looked at what I had in the junk closet, and came up with an easy and useful way to store both rolls and shorter lengths of ribbon. You can see some photos and a description here, on my blog”:

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7 Responses to From Grrrr to Great: Ribbon Storage

  1. Rita says:

    This idea is great, how did you mount it to the wall, what did you use? That’s for those of us who are not handy, including my hubby, if I explain it to him maybe I can get it done, if not just maybe I can do it myself, hehehe!!! Thanks

  2. Zarna says:

    With the SU! ribbon holders do they have to be assembled or do they come as is shown in the picture?
    Like how the ink caddy comes ready to assemble but the little accessories caddy (mind has totally blanked on the name) comes ready just to sit on your desk…

  3. lindastamps says:

    Yes, they come flat and you just unfold them – they have snaps!

  4. Ann says:

    Here’s a link to the pictures I posted on Splitcoaststampers.
    I use a wire shelf from the hardware store … well … actually I now use several. LOL

  5. Laurie in Lake Elmo says:

    Screws were used to mount the vinyl gutters into the studs.

    Thank you, Linda, for posting the picture.

  6. Pamela Knox says:

    I also use SU’s ribbon storage and really like them. They are a little more effort to get a roll of ribbon out but cardboard bends a little (oops). And me too–I also use pint mason jars to keep scrap ribbon in. Thaks for all your ideas.


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