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These are a bunch of pics from our trip – we posted as we were on the ship so some may not be perfect!  Thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on the picture.  Linda

bermuda-closed.jpgSO….this came in the mail today! SU always gives a nice bag of some sort so I’m hoping this is a matching clutch?!bermuda-inside.jpg

I will be posting highlights from the ship while we are there so sign up for the email notifications if you want to see what SU has in store for us. Typically, there is not much stamping going on but they do have a few things planned, including a general session and a Cruise Share for idea swapping.

Stay Tuned! 2 more weeks before we sail…

Linda Heller

Day 1: Bermuda Cruise:

Matt and I landed at JFK around 9:30 a.m.   Had a great flight on Jet Blue, which was my first time flying with them.   Free movies (Alvin and The Chipmunks) in each seat but I opted to pay $5 and watch The Savages.   Great acting but a little depressing and I probably should have spent the time with cute, happy chipmunks.

Getting off the plane, we heard a Florida kid say “wow dad, they really have the air conditioning on!”  Yeah, kinda cold and we weren’t really prepared with little things like a warm jacket or socks!  Poor planning on our part but we made it here and if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere! (couldn’t resist since we are in the Big Apple, you know)

We met a fun couple, Rose-Ellen and Andrew.  Rose-Ellen was one of the 20 demonstrators at convention this past year who WON the cruise!  Isn’t that neat?  We talked shop and grazed at the endless buffet!

Matt and I explored the ship and stopped by the Hospitality Station to pick up the polo I ordered: (not free but worth the fee)


All images (c) Stampin’ Up!

Kind of Taken With Teal but as bold.

Here is a zoom of the bottom left hem:


Ok, I know you are itching to see what they have left in our room!  If this year compares to our last cruise, they left little goodies in our room every day.  This is what was on our bed:


Soft, fuzzy warm fleece blanket!  Here is the zoom:


Our first bit of official business was the safety briefing.  We all donned our life vests and waited until the last possible moment to venture out onto the deck for our instructions.  Shivering, lips blue, we were genuine huddled masses.

Stampin’ Up has already put their “stamp “all over the ship!  Here are a few we have noticed so far:


This plaque was on our cabin door!


This HUGE banner was in the gorgeous atrium.

How fun is this?  The lounge chairs on the Lido deck have these terry cloth covers with SU on them:


Just as we embarked, we were invited to the Stampin’ Up Sail Away party.  Fancy appetizers, fruity drinks, and a band helped us ease out of New York harbor.  Shelly and Sterling Gardner (founder of Stampin’ Up) were mixing and mingling with the crowd.

Of course we had to raise our glasses to Lady Liberty as we sailed by.


More  tomorrow!

Day 2: Bermuda Cruise – General Session DAy

WARNING!  There are CATALOG SPOILERS posted here – if you would like to be surprised with what is coming out in the new catalog in July, stop reading now! All images (c) Stampin’ Up!

Announcements:  Cruise Promotion! (US only)  April 1st– April 30th Double your sales points!

Our next cruise for 2010- Southern Caribbean on Royal Caribbean cruise line!

Expedited Shipping is reinstated!  There is an announcement on the SU website so check to be sure.

(I am posting thumbnails so I don’t have 10 pages, but you can click on pic to enlarge!  They were taken on the projection screen so they aren’t superb quality but hey, at least you get to see ’em!  They will have the samples for us later today to take pics of but I didn’t want to wait!)

Shelli opened by showing a project she made these for her grandkids:


New In Colors Shown!! Pam Morgan showed us the new colors.  I LOVE them more than our current ones!  Did you know that SU is a member of the color Institute of America?

Here is a sneak peek of our 6 new colors in the upcoming July catty:


Pacific Point, Baja Breeze, Kiwi Kiss, Tangerine Tango, Riding Hood Red, Pink Pirouette

New Style Watch!   Paper Bella Style:  Pam Morgan went to a paper bella conference, very vintage-shabby chic style, with glitter and banners.  Our new line will have lots of gingham, polka dots, floral, shabby chic influences.


Here is a sneak peek of 2 stamp sets from this new style:

A Rose is a Rose (This one looks way to much like our old Cottage Rose and our current rose):


But LOVE this one!  It’s called Bella Blossoms:


Here’s a sample made with it:


Pam showed us how she made paper rosettes with scallop punched papers:


Guess What?   Scalloped edges are going to be no big deal anymore with the release of a NEW SCALLOP EDGE PUNCH!!!!  I can see backorders for this already in July.

Brente Steele had us all cracking up with his man card made with sheet metal:


(personally I think Matt’s Man card video inspired it since I heard that they saw it at the corporate office!  But I’m a bit partial J  If you haven’t seen it yet, it is on this blog in the DH section here: https://lindastamps.wordpress.com/dh/man-card-video/

He showed us another new Style Watch SILHOUETTE!

Check out these incredible new stamp sets coming out in the upcoming Fall/Winter Catty!!

Organic Outlines – below on left.

organic-outlines.jpg organic-outlines-sample.jpg

Fresh Cut Notes

fresh-cut-notes.jpg fresh-cut-notes-sample.jpg

Upsy Daisy  – Above on the Right.  (sorry – didn’t get a good picture) but it is also the one he used for the jeans below.

Inspired By Nature

inspired-by-nature.jpg inspired-by-nature-ribbon-sample.jpg

He WOW’d us by embossing on our wide grosgrain ribbon!  Did you notice it in the pic above?

Then he double wow’d us by stamping on a pair of jeans with fabric paint!  He made a photo copy of the jean pocket, cut it out and made a stencil.  Then sponged on the white fabric paint.  He said you have to repeat several times to get it dark enough, using the stamp-a-ma-jig.

jean-pocket.jpg jeans-pocket-2.jpg jean-leg.jpg

Okay!  That’s all for now – off to vacation!  Matt will be heading to a spouse get-together and I’ll be going to a round table discussion somewhere else.


All images (c) Stampin’ Up!

Day 3: Bermuda Cruise

We had a fab day here in Bermuda! We left the ship at 11 a.m. this morning and just got back in (and it is 1:00 am!) Surprisingly, I’m not too tired. I ate wayyyy too much at dinner but had a great time with Sandy Barrera, Patsy Waggoner and their hubbies. We girls tried not to talk too much shop so the guys weren’t bored!

We just left a Karaoke contest going on in the Vista lounge on the ship. Shelli Gardner’s daughter (Shanna I think?) sang Joan Jett’s I love Rock and Roll and she did an awesome rendition! We left before the judges announced the winners. Really talented stampers here!

Ok, for those of you only interested in the Stampin’ Up stuff, here is what was in our room yesterday: (click on thumbnails to enlarge)


This tote bag matches the document holder they sent our tickets in!

Today they left us fruit basket, starfish and a card telling us that we would get a free copy of the cruise video when it comes out in June.


While wandering the market today, we ran into Joann Weimers, a demonstrator friend of ours. Joann always seems to have gorgeous stamped cards on hand at any given moment. She reached into her bag and pulled out this beauty for me.


All images (c) Stampin’ Up!

There won’t be much more Stampin’ Up news for the next few days until Thursday night when we have a midnight make & take.  If you missed the exciting catalog spoilers from Day 2, scroll down to the last post!

For our friends, family and curious bloggers who would like to see a bit of Bermuda as we saw it today, read on! (Matt is going to fill in from here…)

First of all, today was the coldest (hopefully) of the week. We both thought positively and dressed like it would warm up – it didn’t. (We are used to the weather changing in Florida every few hours…)

Our exploration started with a short walking tour of Hamilton. We found this picturesque setting and while we don’t know what it is or if it has any significance, we thought it would make a nice picture. I think it was called Waterloo House.


We joined some fellow stampers for a trip to the Bermuda Aquarium. Linda made fast friends with many of the inhabitants, including the peacock.


The real adventure then began as Tom, Patsy, Linda and I ventured off on our own. We soon learned that if you stay on the bus long enough, they make you get off. Since we didn’t really know where to go or what to see, we twice made it to the end of the line before we were very nicely told we could not go any further.

One of the drop-off points was just north of the town of St. George. With sketchy directions from our bus driver, we set out to find St. Catherine’s Fort. Some aimless wondering lead us past a golf course inhabited by roosters, a few residential dwellings, and numerous trees and plants that we could not identify. We did stumble upon the famous Tobacco Bay on the way to the fort. Unfortunately the fort was closed for renovations, but when Linda told the construction workers we came all the way from Florida to see it, they waved us in. We didn’t stay long because it looked like they were about ready to put us to work. The fort sits right on the water on the north side of Bermuda.

a-tobacco-bay.jpg a-fort.jpg

Linda is looking over our plan for tomorrow. I have to be up at 9 a.m. for the spouses’ get together, then it’s back to Bermuda! Stay tuned…


Day 4: Bermuda Cruise

Hi Everyone!  Our posts keep getting later and shorter as the week goes on.  We are just getting back in the room (it’s midnight) after another Stampin’ Idol Karoake round.  Shelly’s daughter, Shanna, sadly didn’t make it but quite a few other talented demos are now in the final round tomorrow.

Matt went to the Stampin’ Spouse get together this morning and had a great time meeting the guys.  Stampin’ Up gave all the spouses this really neat pocket watch and leather coin caddy for the dresser:


All images (c) Stampin’ Up!

A few husbands shared how they help their demonstrator wives with their business by cutting paper, keeping positive and helping with deliveries.

When we returned to our room this evening and found this water bottle gift! (with some rub-ons inside)


All images (c) Stampin’ Up!

That’s all to report on the Stampin news.  Matt and I ventured out by ourselves today for horseback riding on the beach!  Wow – it was amazing to ride along those turquoise waters.  Matt had a horse named Buddy, who was a bit slow and not so bright.  I had the alpha female, Thelma.  While I was battling to be the boss with mine, Matt was just trying to get Buddy to stay focused and move!


Over, out and off to bed – night y’all!

Day 5: Bermuda Cruise

Well, I wish I had more stampin’ news for you like on Day 1 but it was all vacation today!  I will share the pic of our Stampin’ Up gift in our room:


It contained Bermuda postcards, a starfish and goodies.  The best part for me was the extra long piece of pumpkin striped grosgrain ribbon!

Tomorrow night at 11 pm is the Stamp and Share for demonstrators who bring ideas to display.  I’ll be on the scene and report in the wee hours if I can stay awake that long!  Otherwise, I’ll post sometime Friday.

Friday at 10 am is our make and take time and hopefully we will receive our stamp set Thursday in our room!   We saw some adorable samples on a display board and we are guessing that is our set. They usually give us a set from the upcoming new catalog.   Here is a clue:  It is really a hoot!

We had fun at dinner and expanded our table to 8 of us.


Art and Sandy Barrera, Patsy and Tom Waggoner, Rose-Ellen and Andrew Eastman and Matt and I.

I decided to live it up and have a Mojito at dinner.  When it arrived, Patsy asked if that was my “Mohican” and Matt quickly jumped in and said it was the Last one!

So, in Patsy’s honor, this drink is now officially named “The Last Mohican”



For those interested in what we did today (non-stamping related) read on!

Matt and I started out the day (still sore by the way from horseback riding yesterday) by taking an excursion on electric trail bikes.   Here’s the lure: “Oh, there is a battery powered motor on the bike to assist you so your legs won’t get tired”   Yeah, right.


So, Justin (the son of the father/son duo that owns these bikes) fits me in a oh-so- trendy helmet that matched my attire.   My legs were too short to use the bike with the ultra cushy seat so I had to ride the one that felt like a tree trunk under my bum. (did I say I was still sore from the saddle the day before?)   Matt looks great on his bike and in his helmet.  We get our lessons on how to switch gears and stay with the pack.   I was a believer that this electric assisted bicycle was really doing over half the work for me until the hills, and then the off road trails, and then it got worse.

Matt’s bike popped the chain or something like that.  Justin had to radio someone to bring one over.  Then of course we had to catch up to the rest of the group, with Justin yelling things like “C’mon Linda, move it, push it, faster!” and then it happened.

My shirt tail got caught in the back gear.  I came to a screeching stop and Justin gave me this you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me look.   After some creative tugging and man handling my shirt out, it looked like this:


I really liked that shirt.  (it was officially disposed of after it’s photo shoot)

After that, I never got out of first gear – seriously!  The shirt must have damaged something important  and I thought my legs  were going to fall off.  I was peddling 3x faster than everyone else to keep up, like a  gerbil on a wheel.  Coasting back down those hills as the high of my day!

We did enjoy the scenery and stopped at a few places when they let us.  I needed to catch my breath and Matt took pictures:


This is Fort Scaur, one of a number of forts on the island.  Being under British rule but so close to America, Bermuda was ready for any type of military invasion.  A typical case of if we build it, we won’t need it!  The above picture shows a long trench dug for a clean shot from a cannon.  This trench ran all the way down to the water.  It was a long way up from where this picture was taken… and yes, we walked up there…


Here’s the view from inside the same window.

Day 6 – Bermuda Cruise

It’s here!  It’ here!  We just happened to be in the cabin when today’s gift was dropped off.1-su-orange-bag-gift.jpg

What a surprise this was!  I was blown away by this adorable bag!  Pumpkin pie color and insulated inside.  Speaking of inside…


This is all our goodies for the make and take tomorrow morning!  And I know you want a close up of the new stamp set so here ya go!


(all images copyright Stampin’ Up!)

“Owl Together Now”  Whoooo loves it?

Make and Takes are tomorrow morning at 10 so I’ll post again sometime in the afternoon.

Tonight is the Stamp and Share at 11 pm and maybe I’ll post if I’m feeling up to it.  We are homeward bound now, and the sea is rough and I am a bit woozy!



Day 7:  Last Day (sniff)

(I received many emails asking me this one very important question…  “Is that sneak peak owl set die cut?”  The answer is yes!!  Hmmmm, rumors are flying around here about ALL stamps being die cut in the new catalog.)

The Stamp N Share last night was a little unsuccessful for me and my picture taking. Somehow we had 7 tables with samples posted and the 340 cruise earners all trying to maintain sea legs, cameras and patience! Hopefully the demonstrators who had neat things to share will post them online somewhere!

My favorite was Diana Gibbs who had a spiral bound book with loads of ideas using punches. Very cute! She said most of them she found on splitcoast and around the web. The real attraction was how she had them in the book:

11-scissors.jpg 11-camera.jpg

(Sorry the pictures aren’t better, 30 people were trying to take the same picture at the same time!)

Our make and take session was surprisingly stress free and a bunch of fun! Sometimes it gets a little crazy, trying to share supplies at a big table with only written directions and not an actual sample to go by. We had a great group of stampers at our table:


Here are 2 of the make and takes
(all images copyright Stampin’ Up!)

An Accordion album (desperately needing pictures in it)

A 3×3 card

All projects were done with the watercolor paper using markers scribbled on our stamp cases and an aquapainter.
That’s the end of my stampin’ journey for now. We arrive back in New York to disembark early tomorrow morning and home in Orlando by 5 pm!


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